Memorial Day Weekend- Kickoff to Summer!

May 31 2016

Memorial Day Weekend- Kickoff to Summer!
Memorial Day Weekend- Kickoff to Summer!

Who doesn’t love a long holiday weekend to kick off summer? The iffy New England weather is always a variable, but rain or shine we are up for going out. There are always last minute plans and we are determined to fit it all in; we can rest at our desk on Tuesday .

Memorial Day BBQ

Parade - Beach - Cookout - Repeat. Each time it’s a scavenger hunt to get prepared for these outings. I discovered this year some online checklists that help limit the runs to the store and keep down the “I’m totally unprepared anxiety”. 

Expired sunscreen is never fun, nor are faded beach towels with our brand new bathing suits and killer shades.  Don’t forget the radio and plenty of ice for the cooler.  Check out the beach chairs prior to your exit.   It’s amazing what solitary confinement in the garage all winter can do to them.  A checklist for summer fun fashion accessories is something we absolutely support. Our cutest cover up and hat is a beach must!

We love seeing everyone at the parade wearing their own version of Red, White and Blue.  We were no different sporting the Red Lolita earrings and  the White Night and Day necklace.  We couldn’t wait to go to the cookout afterwards with our cooled down shorts and Full Bloom necklace.



At the end of this fun packed Memorial Day weekend we regard with heartfelt memory that we are privileged and honored to live in a small town with an Air Force base as a part of its community.  To see military personnel at the bank, local restaurants, supermarkets, and ball fields gives us a chance to say thank-you or at the very least reflect on their selfless contribution and bravery.  It is a gift to continuously be reminded of the sacrifice that they and their families make for our freedom.  It keeps the military reality in the present and not in some remembrance place in our mind.  Memorial Day is not only remembering those that have passed, but in our town it is a day to say thank-you for their selfless service to us and our country.



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