2017 Be BOLD Conference for Boston Business Women Recap!

May 18 2017

2017 Be BOLD Conference for Boston Business Women Recap!
2017 Be BOLD Conference for Boston Business Women Recap!

Time to #BeBold and #BeYou!

We had the pleasure of attending the Boston Business Women's Be BOLD Conference yesterday! We were so grateful to have been gifted front row tickets by the amazing Cindy Stumpo of C. Stumpo Development ! The conference included speeches, panels, and vendors from local and international business women. As a local women owned and operated company it was so inspiring to listen the stories of the women’s journey and to hear their definition of what “BEING BOLD” means to them.  As  “soloprenuers” it’s important to get out and be with other like-minded women who share our journey.  


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With panels called “Bold in the Boardroom”, “Brave, Bold, & Breaking Boundaries” and “Blissful Balance” there were takeaways for everyone. It was refreshing to hear women’s issues being talked about in a way that invited open and honest dialogue. Learning to say "no", listening to our bodies and intuition, and start or be a part of the “conversation” on women’s issues were just a few of the practices that were shared.  All of the women that spoke were tremendously “bold” and set the tone for the audience to feel comfortable as well as share and be openly engaging with one another.They were honest with the audience as they communicated their failures without shame as out of their failure came growth and change. They got a bit watery eyed as they spoke of their children, and redefined the term work-life-balance. We were consistently told by multiple sources from life coaches to C.E.O.’s how important it is to build ourselves up from the inside out. Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh(the only male) took the podium and talked about pay equality and his efforts to better improve women’s abilities to negotiate salaries on their own behalf.  The conference spoke to our issues soundly from diverse sources that ranged from age, race, occupation, and life experience.


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The simple definition of “BOLD” is:

adjective:(of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous


…..but as many of you know there is nothing simple about “being bold”. While everyone can agree starting your own business is difficult what we have found to be most challenging is consistently doing what it takes to “be bold”. Attending the conference was the perfect reassurance that it is okay to BE BOLD and that in doing so you open the door to possibilities.  When women do well we as a society do well.


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