In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Natalie Santaniello

April 02 2018

In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Natalie Santaniello
In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Natalie Santaniello

When I was a little girl my role models were always the women in my life. I loved a supermodel/actress and wanted their hairstyle or fashion sense now and again, but the qualities that inspired me or interested me the most came directly from the women in my life.These women were strong, vulnerable, productive, loving, funny and hard working. They were supportive, creative, and always willing to share their thoughts with me

We started this brand (The Jewelry Bx) to empower ourselves and other women to create and style the life they envision for themselves. We did not set out to only sell jewelry, we wanted to start a conversation with women about where are they going and what life are they leading in that jewelry? How does the jewelry make you feel? To that end we are launching a monthly interview series on our JBx Blog called, In the Company of the JBx Women. 

These are women we have been blessed to be connected to through business, family, or philanthropy. We are going to ask the same 10 questions in the same order to each woman. We expect amazing remarks and insights as we get to know these women a little better. We will publish and share them with you monthly through our blog….we want you to get to know them too!   

The more we share about each other the stronger the community and support we can give each other. There are so many women living so many different experiences, and we salute them all!   Supported strong women have no limits! Know NO boundaries. 

We hope you will join us on our journey to showcase, support and discover what the authentic women in our life think about some very contemporary topics…Real women-Real answers... 

We are very excited to introduce our April- JBx woman, Natalie Santaniello, owner, entrepreneur of Airbrush ONE Newport/Boston Locations!  We were lucky enough to meet this beautiful woman through The Boston Business Women's Organization, and our dear friend Jaclyn Zukerman (CEO JZ Social Enterprise and Next on Scene Magazine)! 

 The busy mom of three children is on the go juggling more balls than we care to count.  She created this amazing business of Airbrush tanning from her personal passion and strong belief that this is the only way to get a healthy tan!  We couldn't agree more.   They use only the highest quality spray tanning products in the industry.  Airbrush tanning is an art and a science. At Airbrush ONE, they are  skillfully trained technicians, professional, and educated in sunless tanning and skin types. They are committed to making you look natural, healthy and beautiful, either in the comfort and leisure of your own home with their mobile tan (It doesn't get any easier then this!) or at their new location in Newport, RI (Open for business now and PARTY ALERT a Cinco De Mayo Launch party  (5/5 of course)!  We will be there as well selling our jewelry!  Feeling good and looking good go together like Cinco De Mayo and Margaritas!

Learn who inspires her, her personal thoughts on her style, and how women can be more supportive of each other right now!

We women currently have the spotlight- How do you think we can really support each other in this life of ours?

 I believe as women we can really support each other by building each other up with positive energy.  We need to listen to each other more and support what is important to each other in our lives, whether it be a business, job, kids, family, philanthropic organizations etc… because each of us wear so many hats and have multiple passions.   

What in your life has brought you or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?  

 My greatest fulfillment is my children and family.  The second is owning, building, and running a successful business that makes so many of my clients happy, and making them happy makes me happy!

What woman inspires you and why? 

 I find inspiration in so many people.  My father & mother through their positive role modeling, my husband for his strength, friends, and also importantly those who have dreams and are doing something to following them.  

I feel most confident when…

I feel most confident when I’m happy and I’ve balanced my inner "Chi" .

I Aspire to… 

 I aspire to be first and foremost happy and healthy, but also to be a positive image and role model for my children, a good friend, and loving wife.

How does jewelry make you feel?

 Jewelry to me is a vibe.  Large statement pieces make me feel edgy and cool, and feminine soft pieces make me feel laid back and chill.  I love the vibes of both and it truly depends on the day and my mood.

What is your go to?: Netflix or a good book 

 My go to, shamefully, is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I get a kick out of their lifestyles, but what I take most out of these episodes are fashion and just the plain cool factor of many of the women on there, most are bitch bosses but for the most part behind all of their “stuff” - they are all real women like us.

How would you define your personal style? 

 My personal style is a Glamour Edgy Vibe.  I wear everything from Vans to Louboutins - I love free people - snuggling uggs, Jeans, stilettos, and couture gowns.  I’m not the matchy matchy type and i don’t fit in a box.  I usually like to find an outfit i’ve never seen before, like daily, in keeping with trendy colors and styles.  I’ll always prefer to dress up then down or utilize a certain event to create the perfect outfit - it’s like decorating a room for me, fashion is fun.   

What are you known for?

I most likely am known for my philanthropy, spirituality, good nature, grounded, forward thinking and out of box - cutting edge, healthy, happy blonde.  

What is your most memorable travel destination? 

 The Canada side of Niagara falls pops in my head.  It was breathtaking, and an amazing experience with my family.  I’ve not had so much fun getting totally saturated on a boat.


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