The Jewelry Bx Gift Sets

February 09 2017

The Jewelry Bx Gift Sets
The Jewelry Bx Gift Sets

The Jewelry Bx Gift Sets are here! One thing you should know about us is that we love love love to accessorize (if you couldn't already tell!). We're always mixing and matching a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet to style our look. Since we started we found that we are not alone in this love of accessorizing and that many of you feel the exact same way we do. This inspired us to create these amazing gift sets that do just that! We've taken the hassle out of matching/pairing pieces. The best part of these gift sets is that you actually save money rather than if you purchased them individually! As always each item comes beautifully gift wrapped! Click on any item to shop!

Rock The Look Choker      Pretty Little Thing Choker     Stargaze Earrings

Time To Shine Necklace   Sophia Earrings   Celine Bracelet

time to shine gift set

Gold Rush Choker   Sun Catcher Earrings   Inner Circle Earrings

gold edgy gift set

Double Trouble Choker   Show Me The Shine Bracelet   Spotlight Earrings

silver edgy choker sparkle

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